Time for a change …

Hello friends! This unscheduled post is to let you all know that I’ll be taking a break for a while. I’ve come to the limit of my subscription on WordPress and the only option is for me to upgrade to a Business account. In itself, that wouldn’t be an issue but the cost is more than a 200% increase on my current plan. I don’t think that is a good option for a hobby.

I’m now going to re-evaluate how My Creative Obsessions will move forward. It could be another blog or I may even try something a little different. I will retain the domain name and will see what comes next.

I have posted every Sunday for just over three years and I’m very proud of my dedication. I know I have some regular readers and I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for spending time with me and I hope to see you all again some time in the future.

Until then, I hope you all stay well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


2 thoughts on “Time for a change …”

  1. Hi I’m not sure whether you will be able to access this message but I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your blogging and to express my sadness that you are stopping. I have followed your blog for some time now, I think about 2 years, and look forward to it every Sunday. I’ve been blown away by your knitting skills and love the insights into your life in Australia and the photographs of the beach, and hearing about your cycling trips and your lovely family. It’s been a beautiful connection throughout lockdowns and something I have really valued. I’m in Scotland! I wish you well with your test knit from truly myrtle and continued joy with your crafting. I will be really sad not to see your blog anymore but I’m very glad you’re doing the right thing for you. Thank you for all that you have done!

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    1. Dear Pink, I did receive your comment and I’m very touched by your wonderful words. Today is the first day in over three years that I haven’t uploaded a blog and it’s been quite strange. I don’t see any information on your identity but I would love to be friends on Instagram or Facebook. Scotland is one of my favourite places and I hope one day to be able to get over there again. If I get back into blogging, I’ll definitely let you know somehow. I did leave very suddenly but it was because I couldn’t go any further in that subscription. I thought I could get more storage but it wasn’t an option. I am looking at other things at the moment. Again, thank you so much for your beautiful comments! ❤


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