Sunday 5 September 2021. #163

Hello friends! Welcome from a sunny and very windy south coast of New South Wales. Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there celebrating today! It’s interesting how the days match up with the rest of the world. I think Australia celebrates Mothers’ Day with the UK but our Fathers’ Day is all by itself; the UK & US had it in June. Today is supposed to be very wet but the sun is shining brightly at the moment. Maybe there’s some rain on the way. I was able to get out each day for my walk and the early mornings were beautiful. I posted a big parcel on Friday for Evie and she had sent a present for her Grandad for Fathers’ Day, including a beautiful pasta necklace and crown for me! And, it took nearly two weeks, but Cooper finally received his quilt on Friday and I think he approves. 😍


Evie’s Ruffle jumper has been blocked and finished completely with a button on the back. I crocheted a loop and sewed in all the ends and it is now winging its way to her. I’m hoping it gets there quickly as I’m excited for her to get the parcel.

I did do some knitting on my Flax Light sweater but decided to stop and start on the sleeves so that I know how much yarn I have. In order to start the sleeves I need to finish spinning the final skein, half of which is already done. I’m hoping to have that done this week. I haven’t included a picture as it’s not very different from last week and I haven’t included my Spiral socks as they didn’t get a lot of love this week either. I have put in a fair bit of work on the second of my Eliza socks by Libby Jonson (Truly Myrtle). I have turned the heel and finished decreasing the gusset. I’m now on the final straight and should have this one in a couple of days. I’m concerned that there won’t be enough yarn as I used a wee bit of the second skein on my first sock. If I run out, I’ll finish it with some other yarn. Let’s see how far I get. My subtitle knitting (while watching The Bureau) this week has been the sleeves of my Dove Cottage sweater. My concern with this one is that the bottom part of the sleeve may be a bit tight. I can certainly get it on but I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear anything under it. I’m continuing as I don’t want to redo the colourwork and I hope the blocking might help a little. The pattern started with the exact number for the colourwork repeats so I didn’t want to add any stitches, and I was working with the stitch count as per the pattern. I could have added a couple of plain stitches as the increases ended up adding a small plain panel or I could have used a 4.5mm needle instead but the knit may have been a bit loose. I’ll see how it goes. I have still to decrease for the neck on the body.

Well, it’s that time of year again – the 2021 Stephen West MKAL has launched and the cast on is set for 8th October. My first reaction was to ignore it but as the hype increased I was more tempted. When one of my international zoom friends posted the question of who will be joining in, I tipped over the edge and decided to go for it. It’s always a very interesting KAL. I had some yarn in my stash that I thought I could use but they are only 50 gram skeins so I ended up ordering one more of each and also a dark raspberry colour because I can’t decide which ones to use together. This year’s is a graphic knit and so requires more solids for the contrast. I added a black and white filter to the pictures below and it doesn’t seem that there’s a whole lot of contrast happening. I’ll make the final decision when the yarn arrives.


I have finished the second block for my Obelia Origami bag and it turned out smaller than the first one. As I was crocheting this second block, I felt that the yarn was thinner than the first one and I’m pretty sure that’s why it turned out smaller. The colours on these photographs are very washed out! I have one more block to go so I’m going to see how that turns out with a third colour of yarn. The first block requires a couple of rounds to get it to the right size so the second will need at least an extra one. Let’s see how the third one ends up!


I finished off the Paper Doll Blanket for Evie this week and it is also on its way to her in the parcel I sent on Friday. The doll needed some velcro for hair bows and I included some velcro at the wrists for long sleeves. I had also added some velcro at the bottom on the doll’s white undergarment which will help with shorts (wh I make some). To accompany the three outfits that I’d made, I fashioned up a pair of shoes from some faux leather elbow patches and I included a quick bow made of ribbon. I’m hoping Evie likes the doll and I’m going to start the next outfit this week. Probably pyjamas to match the ones I made Evie a couple of months ago.

A major project this week was a pair of Ellie & Mac Straight Fit boardshorts for Robert for Fathers’ Day. I had been wanting to make these for a while using some gorgeous Aboriginal fabric that I purchased when I was in Alice Springs. The fabric has the cutest fish on them! I used some contrasting fabric that I purchased at the same time. These turned out to be quite easy to make. My concern was that they may not fit but I shouldn’t have worried. Actually, the backside section seems a bit baggy so I think I would grade down at the hip for the next pair – just on the back section. I think the trickiest bit was adding the eyelets to the waist tie section. It was hard to cut the holes at the exact same spot as it’s very easy to cut the hole too big. I don’t think it will be noticed that one eyelet is a bit wonky. I’ve had these eyelets for an awful long time and the backs of them aren’t too smooth. I’ll have to buy some more as they’ve probably improved them over the years. Ideally, a white shoelace would be best – the one in the photo is 60cm too long and I could only buy a black one in the right size. I’ll have to see if I can get one somewhere else.


Because of the Paper Doll blanket and the boardshorts, I didn’t get much time for my patchwork this week. I did, however, almost finish the top of the Flower Garden quilt. I only need to join the two sections shown below and it is then ready to sandwich. I’ll get the top done tomorrow and then I’ll need to find some fabric for the backing. I’ve probably got something in the stash that will work. I’ll be working on a couple of other quilts as well.


This week I received a book I ordered a few weeks back. The Lemonade Quilts book is by Michelle Marvig of and has some great stashbusting quilts that I’m hoping will use up lots of the fabric I have. I also received a fat quarter as I paid for postage and the deal was that it was postage free. Another item I received this week was the Clover Hot Press Ruler. I’m really happy with that and it made turning the hem on the boardshorts really easy! It took some time to arrive but was definitely worth waiting for. No more melting rulers and tape measures.


I finished reading A Court of Mist and Fury this week and started a new book. I’m now reading The Secret Keeper of Jaipur by Alka Joshi. This is the second book following The Henna Artist, that I read a few months ago for Book Club. It was a hard transition from the fantasy of the first book to India in the second book but I’m right into it now. I have been watching The Bureau on SBS On Demand and I’m totally hooked. I just finished season two and what an ending! I can’t wait to start season three tonight.

This coming week is another in lockdown, due to finish on Friday, but I doubt that will happen. The infection rate is ever increasing and there have been a couple in our area now. So it seems I’m going to have to wait a fair bit longer before I can see any of my family. Vaccination rates are also climbing so I’m hoping it will all balance out soon. The only socialising that may occur this week will be possibly walking with a friend or two – at different times as per restriction rules.

Thanks for joining me for my chat today! Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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