Sunday 30 May 2021. #149

Hello friends! Welcome to another week of my adventures. 😊 It’s been a very busy week and I’ve only been home half a day on Monday and most of Thursday and Friday. The blog today will be more of what I’ve been doing out and about and less of my crafty adventures. After a decent sewing session on Monday morning I drove up to Sydney to see my mum and dad. On Tuesday, I spent the day with Erin and Cooper. We had a lovely day and finished it with a walk in the cold late afternoon checking out the last of the autumn leaves. It’s definitely feeling like it’s only two days away from winter!

On Wednesday, I spent the day with Kim, Evie and Finn. Of course, Evie and I went out for a coffee and babycino before having fun at the park. The surf was up and there were lots of surfers out there catching, or trying to catch, waves. I only saw one actually on a wave. Evie and I braved the big slippery dip together though it’s pretty easy these days. I find that three slides is enough for me! Evie and I finished off the afternoon with some watercolours.

I spent Thursday and Friday relaxing and managed to get one bike ride in. I didn’t get a lot of crafting done but I did do some admin and planning. I had coffee out on Friday morning and then 4 girlfriends and I had dinner out on Friday night. It was a special theme night at our local cafe at Huskisson, Salty Joe’s, and we had a lovely night. The theme was Italian Stallion night for this one. The food was yummy and the company was great.

Saturday morning saw a very early start when I headed back up to Sydney. After a quick stop off at Miranda Fair to buy a few baby clothes that weren’t available online, I arrived at Erin & Shaun’s place for a quick change and was then dropped at the ferry wharf. I was heading over to Barangaroo for lunch with my school friends – the ferry ride was only six minutes long. I love ferry rides so I’ll take any I can get. We ate at a restaurant called Muum Maam which is Thai cuisine. The food was wonderful but I wouldn’t recommend visiting during a cold windy day. All the restaurants along Barangaroo waterfront are outside, protected only by some clear plastic blinds. It was very cold! I’d like to go back again when the weather warms up. There were three of us for lunch and we were meeting our fourth after lunch.

After lunch, we were waiting for our other friend to turn up and thought we’d go somewhere warm to have coffee. The sun had totally disappeared and it was bitter. As the new Crown casino was open for everything except the casino section, we thought we may be able to get a coffee there and check out the place. I was very impressed with it – it’s all new and fresh and the restaurants and bars looked great. Unfortunately, we were not able to get coffee as all the bars and restaurants were full and there was only outside seating. Nobody was sitting outside. Instead, we wandered up to the pool level – there’s only the outside pool and we looked at it from the window, then walked down the central staircase which features in the lower section of the hotel. At the top of this bottom section, there’s a window in the ceiling where you can see up the length of the tall tower. The Teahouse lounge bar looked pretty good, especially the lantern booths situated along the outside of the restaurant.

Once we’d exhausted all the casino options, we headed back out into the whistling wind and found the Bel & Brio Emporium where we settled in for some coffees. I had a hot chocolate and an amaretto liqueur which was very warming after the cold outside. I really like this venue – the setting is what I think of as Chicago Italian jazz and has different sections including a cellar and a market place. Sadly, we had to leave and head back out into the cold to say goodbye and make our separate ways home. Again, I jumped on the ferry but this time I stayed in the protected inside section. After a nice breakfast with Cooper, Shaun and Erin this morning, I headed home with a quick stop to say hi to Steven and Evie and drop off a couple of things.


This week’s knitting was again focussed on the Truly Myrtle test knit so I don’t have a lot of knitting to share. We’re getting to the end of the test so I’ll be able to reveal it all very soon. I did manage a little bit of other knitting. I am still working on the Rye Light socks for Evie though I need to do some reverse knitting as I have got one stripe too far on the foot. I obviously didn’t measure it properly as I thought I needed this stripe but it will have to come out and become the toe instead. There are about five rounds I need to remove but I think I’ll tink back each of these rather than remove the needles and pick them back up. Hmm, I’m not sure; I’ll work that out tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have the toes done on these tomorrow and then I’ll move onto socks for Finn and Cooper. The other knitting I worked on was the Flax Light sweater gift knit. It was easy to pick up and do a few rows here and there as it is just stocking stitch in the round. I am just under an inch away from the ribbing on the body so I should be onto the sleeves in the next couple of days.


I’ve enjoyed working on my Owl Obsession blanket crochet this week. These owls are quick and easy to churn out, taking about fifteen minutes on each. I’ll do another five of the owls and then move onto the big and little circles. I thought I’d finish each type of motif first as it makes it easy to repeat after the first couple. The yarn I’m using is Knitpicks Chroma Worsted 70/30 wool/nylon which is what is used in the pattern. I have the natural for the background and Pegasus and (I think) Carnival for the coloured bits. I’m missing the Carnival ball band but I had bought some fingering of the same at the same time. The colour changes are perfect for this project.


Monday was the only day I really used the sewing machine and I made good progress on Evie’s Emma Wiggle outfit. I got as far as I could go and I was able to try it on her on Wednesday. The skivvy is finished and she wore it for the rest of the day. I love the fabric that’s made out of – it’s a rayon spandex. The skirt still needs the hem done but I can’t do that until the tulle section is finished. I used a cotton ribbing for the waistband but I am very unimpressed with how it has stretched out already. Instead, I’ll remove that and replace it with some pretty belt elastic I purchased that is lightweight and has a little frill on top. The tulle has now arrived but I’m waiting for the mesh headbands that I ordered for attaching the tulle. I think they should arrive this week. I thought I’d be able to get the headbands anywhere (maybe a couple of years ago) but they are literally nowhere and I had to order them on eBay. Once the tulle section is done, I’ll attached the skirt and waistband to it and then I can trim the hem on the skirt.

Now for a photo update on my recent Toaster Sweater by Sew House Seven with a couple of cheesy selfies and a couple of more normal pictures. I’ve had good wear out of this top this week. The only other time I used my machine this week was on Friday when I took in the sides of my Tessuti Monroe Turtleneck top. It got lots of use last year but I always felt it was too wide and gapey at the bottom. I drew a line from the underarm to the hem at a spot 1.5 inches from the side so that means I’ve taken reduced the bottom hem by 6 inches. I haven’t tried it on yet but it still looks very big. It should now let less cool air in at the bottom!


I’m caught up with the Handmaid’s Tale but there wasn’t a new New Amsterdam episode. I don’t think I got to the end of this season so maybe they are only putting them out a few at a time. I also started a new series on Foxtel called Mare of Easttown and I am loving it. I think I watched five episodes in a row (over a few days) and found that I had to wait until the next one. I didn’t realise that it was streaming weekly – I just started late. Last week I had started listening to A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. I thought I was a good way into the book but it appears that I have another 18 hours left to listen to! The book is 23 hours long so I’ve managed 6 hours already. As it’s getting close to our next Book Club meeting I thought I’d best get onto the second book (or I think I read the second book and this is the first/main book chosen) otherwise it wouldn’t be finished in time. The book I had read was The Henna Artist and this other book is called Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister by Jung Chang. It appears to be a biographical recount of three sisters in 20th century China. One sister married Chiang Kai-Shek, another became Mao’s vice chair and the other was Chiang’s unofficial main advisor and one of the richest women in China. So far, we’ve only touched on the three sisters, working well into the history of all the characters around them. It’s definitely a book that requires concentration but it is also very interesting.

This coming week is a home week for me, along with the week after. With two weeks in a row, it means I’ll get to spend plenty of time in the studio and I have a list of projects I want to get working on. As usual, the list is very long and comprehensive so I’ll chip away at it and the priorities will doubtless change. The week is going to start with breakfast and a lunch tomorrow and I’m itching to get into all my stuff. Until next week, I hope you are all keeping well and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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