Sunday 10 May 2020. #94

Hello friends! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone celebrating today. There are a lot of countries around the world celebrating today but the UK is not one of them. I just found out today that it is because Mothering Sunday in the UK is linked to Easter, having its roots in religious celebration. My day today will be a quiet one around the house but I was able to celebrate on a minor scale yesterday with family. Following social distancing rules, we were able to catch up with Erin and Shaun briefly as they left Steven and Kim’s place. Then we had lunch with Steven, Kim and Evie and it was wonderful seeing Evie in person. She has changed so much in the past 8 weeks since we last spent time with her, and she has become very chatty, having learnt new words.

We also had a visit from our friends, Ken and Deb, on Friday and we were able to show them the beautiful beaches around here. Here are some water photos from this week. I was going to say beach photos but a couple of them are of the lake this time.

MeMadeMay 2020: I haven’t taken photos every day this week but I wore me-made for most of them. Here are a few pics of me and also Evie modelling my makes. Here I have the first pics of my Kettle Valley poncho in all its glory – it’s been getting a lot of wear; my Millie top; Evie wearing a small Strange Brew and then Anna’s Summer cardigan with her new Worlds Simplest Mittens. The last photo was this morning sitting in my “office” with my Kettle Valley poncho and Lunae shawl. It was a tad cool in the dappled sunshine.

Corona Cooking: The cooking bug continued this week and I ventured into breadmaking. I bought a pack of Laucke bread flour the week before and tried some bread rolls. That worked OK though if I’d had them further apart they may have been more successful. As they had little room to spread they weren’t great for adding meat and salad for lunch and I think I could probably have done with a bit more heat for them to rise a little more during cooking. Certainly not an expert! On Friday I tried Lorraine’s (@notquitenigella) focaccia recipe and that was a resounding success. And it was so easy, I might make it a weekly event. Lorraine decorates her focaccia with lots of colourful vegies and I may give that a try some time. The recipe calls for a lot of oil – I used about half and I think that was maybe still a bit much. I didn’t get much opportunity to take a photo before it was almost devoured. I also made a Glazed Meatloaf from and Banana Bread from @notquitenigella. Both wonderful though didn’t get any pics.

House Update: Well, it’s looking like a real house inside now that they’ve added the insulation in between the wall studs. These photos are from last Tuesday and on Thursday they started painting the exterior; Friday they started on the internal gyprock walls. I can’t wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. We haven’t decided on who is making the kitchen yet though I think we’ll have to make a decision ASAP so that it can get installed when they are ready.


This week hasn’t seen a lot of crafting due to all the house stuff. One day I drove up myself which means no knitting and being out of the house generally means no other type of crafting either.

Finished Object #1: My Tuileries sweater is finished! I was so pleased to get this one finished for several reasons. The main one is that I didn’t have to use that 3.25mm 9″ circular cable needle anymore! It is obviously a lace needle and is so sharp. Every time I used that one I would re-open up the hole in my finger. Also, it was good to finally get off twisted rib sleeve island! My daughter yesterday said I should make her a jumper (and I wasn’t sitting down at the time – it could have been ugly!) and she indicated a polo neck would be good. I really think this turtle neck would be great on her so I may be persuaded to hand it over. She hasn’t been interested before so I was very surprised. It took three days to dry because the middle day it was locked up inside. On the third day, I was able to put it out in the sun and that finished it off.


Finished Object #2: Last week, I got a request for a pair of mittens for Miss Evie so I immediately cast on The World’s Simplest Mittens from Tin Can Knits. After having made 5 individual adult mitts, I realised that the pattern for this and the Drifting Snow mitts are exactly the same, though the Driting Snow mitts are only for adults. The size is only a variation on stitch numbers and lengths. Anyhow, how stinking cute are they? They took an afternoon and a bit of the next day to finish. I didn’t have much available to use so I thought they’d be good in the leftovers of my Ranunculus II sweater. They turned out very soft and cute! I still had leftovers of the fingering which I used up in my Habitation throw.

Finished Object #3: I finally got onto the second of my Drifting Snow mitts. I had made the first of these as a prototype before making the gift ones and I’m glad they’re now complete – apart from a few ends to sew in. They’ll be really handy as the weather is turning cold now.


There’s only one other project that I’ve added a few rows to this week and it’s my own brioche jumper design. This one has been a low priority but I needed something that is straight knitting for the Zoom/Messenger meetings. Everything else seems to need focus so this one has been good to work on. I’m not fussed with the brioche being on a slight diagonal but I understand that this is common with brioche. I’m hoping that blocking might straighten them up a bit. That’s a fair way down the track at the moment.



All three bobbins of my Ixchel fibre are now spun into singles. The one on the left of the three (and the one by itself at the top) was the green/yellow spin and the one on the right of the three is the blue spin. There doesn’t appear to be any difference but we’ll see how the final skeins look. I chain plied the blue bobbin during the week and you can see it at the bottom ready to be wound off onto the niddy noddy. I think that will be a job for this afternoon.


This category is finally making a reappearance! I rescued my Rings of Change out of the storage unit because I felt like doing some crochet. It’s quite large and I had to lay it out in front of the garage and take the photo from the deck above. The left-hand photo shows where I was up to when it came out of storage and the right is where I am now. I’ve done about 3 rounds – they are quite long now so it’s slow going. You can see the edge on the later picture has more of the pink around it. I’m using  My Melody yarn by Wolltraum which is 50% cotton/50% acrylic. For the first part of this project I started from the outside aqua on the cake moving through a mauve, then purple, pink and finally red. When I realised I had lots more to do I thought I’d order another one, though I could well have stopped there. When I joined the second ball I started from the red in the centre of the cake which is the colour I was up to. There are four rows of crocodile stitch in the red section and that used up heaps of the yarn. Without actually weighing it, I’d say there’s at least three-quarters of the full cake left to use. I’m almost finished Round 65 and there is a total of 111 rounds. I don’t know if I’ll have enough for all of it so I’ll finish at the last full round. The rows I’ve been working on are quite dense and it’s been a challenge to get the stitch count correct. I’m fortunate that I’m a good fudger and I think I’m now totally correct.


I only spent a little time on my Round the Garden this week. I finished off the lighthouse (I hope a good press makes it look straight!) and did a couple of bees. I have also started putting together some of the houses so I should be able to pin the next section in hopefully this week. I will have to make the next lighthouse before I can do that though, so that will be the next step.



I have been mainly watching free-to-air TV at the moment with Masterchef keeping me entertained. There’s not a whole lot that’s great on TV at the moment. I finished the book I was reading last week, Buried Deep by Margot Hunt. It was very short – only a bit over 4 hours so I think it was one of the freebies from Audible that I’d downloaded a little while back. It was a good and quick “read”. From that one, I moved onto A Court of Thorns and Roses by Susan J Moss, which has been well-reviewed by so many people. I finally took the plunge and it’s shaping up into a great read already. I was hesitant to fall down that rabbit hole because there are many books in this series but I think I was ready for it.

I have no plans for this week apart from house stuff which will require some visits both to the house and to businesses for finalising all the bits and pieces. Now that restrictions are lifting we may be able to think about some get-togethers. Currently, two people are able to visit another home and there’s little else. From next Friday, that number will go up to 5 people within a house and 10 people in cafes and restaurants which will be able to open again. It will be a slow journey but it’s the safest way. I hope that people follow the rules, but these rules are so confusing with the Federal Government saying one thing and then leaving it up to the State Premiers who are all lifting restrictions at different rates.

I hope all the mothers out there are having (or had) a great Mother’s Day and that everyone is healthy and safe. I’ll be back next week, as usual. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying all your opportunities for your creative pleasures!


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