Sunday 5 April 2020. #89

Hello friends! Welcome back to Bawley Point. We relocated this week and are settling into this house again after our 4th move in 8 weeks. Though we are a fair distance from the house build it’s a fantastic spot to spend our social distancing time. The beach is around the corner and it’s a beautiful one – as most beaches on the south coast are!

We had stayed just over a month at our last place with a planned total of four and a half months. Unfortunately, the COVID19 social distancing rules curtailed our friends’ trip and they had to come home. I had unpacked a lot of my fabric, yarn and other bits and pieces with a view to settling in with it. So the Easter bunnies were packed up for the trip and most of my stuff went back into the storage shed. I’m not sure if the bunnies are going to get to their recipients! I did get to bake a cake before we left – an almond yoghurt cake with a layer of apples in the middle – kind of made up based on a recipe. I have set up my new-new sewing space and I have been using it. There are lots of birds around here and yesterday we were visited by two beautiful king parrots. One is front on and the other is showing the blue of its tail feathers.

I’ve started getting out for a jog again, yesterday and today, and it’s definitely been worth it. It’s so much easier to get out onto the beach while we’re here. Daylight Savings ended for us yesterday and I love sunlight in the early mornings. The mornings have been so dark lately and the return of this early light is going to disappear as the next couple of months move into winter.

The house build is progressing well despite the social distancing requirement. Builders are allowed to work 7 days a week at the moment as long as they social distance on the site. (Captions with each photo) The roof was due to start yesterday but I’m not sure if it rained there or not. The cladding is ready to go on too, so the house will look very different when we next see it! I have to go and look at tiles next. I think those shops are still open.


My Kettle Valley poncho was my go-to knitting before the move. Working round and round in stockinette was about all I could manage while thinking of what we needed to get done in just a few days. And there was less time to sit and knit. You can see how the bottom of the poncho is growing. It will be loose and flowy as it’s very wide!


I did get some work done on the Ciqala cardigan. Working this pattern backwards used up considerable brain space so I only really worked on it early in the week. I was so focussed on getting the pattern and increases correct, tinking back every couple of rows till I got it right, that I missed a buttonhole. That’s when I put it aside and focussed on the move. I have marked where the buttonhole needs to be and will drop down to add it this afternoon. I also forgot to use garter stitch for the button band after the collar and dropped down 6 rows to change 7 knit stitches into purls on both sides of the cardigan. You can see the before and after pics. These two pics are showing in the correct colour – the full photo is much too baby blue. There are 8 stitches in the button band but I wasn’t confident to drop down on the edge stitch and it’s not noticeable. I don’t have long now before I need to split for the sleeves.

During my last session on the International Virtual Knit Nights (IVKN) Zoom meeting last Monday (we don’t have wifi here at Bawley Point) I knitted up the hand of the Drifting Snow mitt. Again, when I got to the decreasing this was also put aside for after the move. Yesterday, I finished the hand and the thumb and then moved on to the next mitt, once I found the 3.25mm 9″ circular needle, which was where it was supposed to be! I obviously didn’t have a mummy look first up which made me look everywhere else. The changes I made in the pattern worked well and I have notes to follow for this next mitt. I’ll add those to the Ravelry project page at some point.


New Cast-on #1: While rummaging through my fingering yarn leftovers in my Kettle Valley poncho bag I had decided that I wanted to make some toddler socks with a couple of the leftover sock blanks that I have. I thought it best to do that before the remaining yarn is put into the poncho so I cast on the Rye Light socks by Tin Can Knits. These socks have a garter panel up the front but I decided to knit them vanilla for this time. I just want to find a basic toddler pattern that I like. These have a heel flap and are knit from the top down. I normally prefer toe-up socks but I’m happy to do them either way. Doing them toe-up, you can decide how long the leg will be without running out of yarn. The other way, you have to have plenty of yarn to finish the foot.


New Cast-on #2: I have cast on the Habitation throw by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. Helen offered this pattern up for free to keep people happy and occupied during the social distancing. I have been eying off this pattern since she released it – needless to say, I grabbed it. It’s an easy knit and the perfect pattern for advent minis or leftover fingering yarn. There will be plenty of fingering yarn left after my Kettle Valley poncho is finished so I couldn’t wait to cast this on. The pattern uses an i-cord edge but it’s different to how I normally do it – a chance to learn something new.



I’m down to the last rolag of this Wren & Ollie fibre now. I have been getting my hour each weekday watching The Millionaire Hot Seat, though I’m a bit annoyed that they are showing repeats most days. I’m looking forward to getting this yarn plied as I think it will be pretty. I’m thinking a two-ply will work just fine even if they don’t perfectly align. It may be a bit barber poled but should still look good.



I didn’t realise how much I have gotten done on my Audrey jacket until I looked back at the pics for this week. This is how it looks now. It needs the waistband and cuffs, then the buttonholes and button, and it will be done.


I have enjoyed following the steps on the Seamwork class for this project. It has made this much easier than I expected. It’s a great way of “eating the elephant” one bite at a time. Some days I do one class, then others I may get two or three smaller ones done. These pics show my bites for this week.

On Friday I spent the day setting up the sewing area and didn’t want to start yet so I thought it a good opportunity to get my next sewing project traced. I’m using a pattern from Inspiration magazine by Bernina from 2014. The Sheath dress is a very simple pattern that uses only 4 pattern pieces. It has contrast shoulder sections otherwise the pattern would only have had three pieces. Once the Audrey jacket is complete I’ll be cutting this one out. It is the next piece (#4) for my #thegreatmodulesewalong module. I haven’t cut out the pattern for the Pietra pants yet as I need to grade them from a 12 waist to a 10 hip. As most of the many pieces are through this section it has put me off a bit so, again, I’ll go for the quick win with the Sheath dress and then work on the pants. I still want to make the corduroy skirt for the module but I haven’t worked out which one yet.



I found some jeans that I really like and they were 30% off for their introductory price. The Eddystone Jeans by Itch to Stitch tick all my boxes – it says they are high-rise but looking at the picture not too high-rise, not too skinny jeans and look fairly simple. TomKat Stitchery tested this pattern and I liked how hers looked. She also likes using this pattern company which is new to me. I’ll give them a go and see how they fit. This project is not imminent but definitely on the list. I have some stonewashed denim and I’ll have to see if there is enough.


During my IVKN session on Monday, Phil mentioned that someone (sorry, didn’t get the name) had set up a system of working on each of their WIPs for 12 hours straight in turn to get them done. I think that’s a great idea but 12 hours is a bit much for me. I like to work on several things each day so I think what will work for me is 1 hour at a time. I have a few small things I want to finish and send off so I think they will qualify for the 1 hour and anything else I’ll do for half an hour, just to keep them on a roll. When I was working, I would set myself a schedule for each night on what I want to work on and for how long, depending on their priority so this is sort of the same thing but now I don’t have a limited time for my crafting.

It will be a real holiday now that we are here. The house is small, so takes less time to clean, and I don’t have two bed and breakfast rooms to look after anymore. That will give me plenty of time to do my crafting, along with resting and getting some opportunities for outside exercise. As I mentioned earlier, we don’t have wifi here, just Robert’s accumulated mobile data. Once we get through a bit of that I’m going to organise some sort of mobile wifi. I’m not sure how long we’ll be here but it will be for at least 2 months. Before leaving last week I downloaded some shows from Netflix. I downloaded a season each of The Witcher, The Blacklist and Grace and Frankie. Since arriving here I have been working through The Blacklist. I also have some podcasts left to listen to, though new ones won’t automatically download now. I do have several books downloaded on my phone so they will be keeping me company as well.

I really didn’t think I had much to chat about this week but, as usual, I ended up with plenty! It’s time now to get back to my relaxing social isolation so, until next week, I hope you are all well and are spending plenty of time on your creative pleasures!


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