Sunday 15 September 2019. #60

Welcome friends! I hope you had a fabulous week. It’s been another week of crafting and socialising for me. It has been quite cool, but the temperature is rising a little bit. Especially today, as we are expecting 28 degrees Celcius. I’ve started getting some new season clothing out for the up days. I’m still wearing knitwear and tracksuit pants in the evenings though. Last night’s full moon rise was quite spectacular and there was plenty of sunshine this week. The freesias are popping up around the backyard and adding a lovely scent in my kitchen.

Last Sunday, I forgot to include photos of my ferry ride in Sydney. I love ferry rides so have to add some pics. On Wednesday, we started our “crafting/catch up day” which is going to be every second Wednesday of the month. This first one was at Kerry’s house with just Kerry and me but we met Mary for lunch. A few other friends were away that day. It was a lovely relaxing morning sitting on Kerry’s back deck.

On Friday, I had fun with some other friends for a crafting day of a different type. There was painting and also a form of decoupage on clothing mannequins. I dabbled in a bit of painting but it’s not my forte. I spent the day getting some texture on my canvas. It’s not fantastic but I did enjoy the process.

Yesterday, I had a catch-up lunch with some old hockey friends. We went to a lovely rustic cafe set on a farm. The food was wonderful and I loved the ambience. The catch-up was a lot of fun too!


My Tuileries sweater has been split for sleeves and is progressing down the body now.  I am loving this project though it is a slow one. Last week I showed the purl/knit mistake on the sleeve and I managed to drop down comfortably and correct it. The twisted knits weren’t even a problem when picking up those stitches. The centre right photo shows the “before” and the top right shows the “after”. The body has a twisted rib detail on the sides to match the sleeves and it looks great! I have been alternating skeins using helical knitting and I thought I would introduce a new one at the sleeve separation – the best place to hide the join, but I came across a break in the yarn about 8 rows before so decided that would be it. I don’t think it is noticeable, either the join or the different skein though there does appear to be some light pooling on the left side of the picture. It always seems more noticeable in the photos than in real life.

The main part of the Rugby shawl is now finished and I’ve started the lace detail on the edge with the live stitches. I added an extra red section and a final variegated section to get to the right number of stitches for the lace repeat. There are 336 stitches to be consumed on the left side of the photo and the lace detail uses 8 stitches per each repeat of 16 rows. I think it’s going to take some time to get through! I’m going to try for two repeats each day. At that rate, it’s going to take about 21 days to finish. Or at least another 19.

Some time ago, I started a pair of Toe Up Baby socks with some crazy stripe yarn that I had dyed. They sat around for some time and I finally got to finish them. These are 6-months to 1-year size but seem very small. I’ll send them up to my 11-month granddaughter and see if they fit. As the weather is warming up they probably wouldn’t get much use, if at all.

The Lunae shawl got some attention this week and I’ve added everything from the top white/rust section. There are lots of ends to weave in on this one but I think the border will be picked up on that side so it will make it easier to hide the yarn. This is definitely not vanilla knitting but is not too difficult.


My Fibernymph Dyeworks socks are just about at the cuff now. I think 2 more stripes then I’ll do the cuff. I was hoping to get these done this week but seems I only managed 2.5 more stripes. It’s a pity you can’t see the sparkle in the yarn. There’s enough yarn for maybe some toddler socks to match for next winter.



My Ixchel fibres spin is at the three-quarter point now. The first batt is complete and skeined up and I’ve finished the first single of the second batt. I’ll get the second one plied this week, probably before our Spinners meet up on Thursday, otherwise it will definitely be done then. The first skein had some leftover single that I plied on itself using the Andean bracelet method. This allows you to loosely wind the yarn so that it will not tangle once you find and join the end to where the other ply finished. It’s a great method to save on the leftover singles. The first skein comes in at 101 grams and 288 metres. That’s about a light DK or a heavy sport weight.

The Ashford fibre spindle spin is still moving, though slowly. I still have all this fibre to spin to finish the first half of the batt and the first single.



As per my sewing schedule that I described last week, I’ve cut out the Emmie top by Seamwork. I used a navy and white loose weave fabric remnant that I picked up at Spotlight in the last couple of months. The label said 0.90cm so didn’t think I would be able to do it but the cut was crooked and I was just able to squeeze it out of the fabric. I did take the body up half an inch in order for it to fit but I’m short so I think it will work fine. The fabric also had a section of bright yellow writing on one edge that I had to avoid. This one will definitely be put together on my overlocker as it’s very shreddy.

I finished the final hem on my Metamorphic dress but I’m a bit concerned that it shows when the floral dress is on top so it was a decision of showing then or when the brown dress is on top. This way it only shows a little bit. I think I’ll see if I can get some ribbon to stitch over it as it looks a bit untidy. I also think the shoulder straps are a bit wide for my aesthetic so I’m thinking of putting in a pleat to make it more narrow. I wasn’t able to make the straps narrower otherwise it would have probably not been possible to do the burrito method.


As promised, here is a pic of my finished Adrienne blouse. It looks much better on the floor than it did on me. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s a velvet fabric as the previous one looks great. There’s a lot of fabric in those sleeves!



Inspired by Mina’s (Knitting Expat) fibre dyes, I decided that I would do some too. I used some merino that I’ve had for some time and used Landscape dye for the black and Jacquard for the red. The red dye was a bit more successful than the black dye. I don’t have black in Jacquard so maybe I should get some. You can see the black looks good in the pan but most of it washed out to a grey. Mina’s colours are fantastic and she used food dye so I’m thinking I’ll dip the black ends into some of my Wilton black dye. I haven’t used the food dyes for ages but they worked well. There’s still a lot of red to come out of the fibre so I was going to soak it again. I just need to be careful that I don’t felt the fibre in the process or lose too much of the white. You can see it hanging on the rail in front of my washing. 😊 The reason for this colour scheme is that I’m hoping to spin yarn and knit a beanie for my friend whose mother owned the spinning wheel. When she passed away, my friend gave it to me and I am so very grateful for it. The colour is for the NRL football team he follows – the St George Dragons. They are generally red and white but have black in their colours as well. I’ll update next week on how the Wilton dye goes.

I’ve decided to try a new type of dyeing – Batik dyeing. I haven’t gotten very far yet but have the fabric and pattern prepared ready to go. I’ve watched a YouTube video to see how I’m supposed to use the Tjanting tool and I’ll be working on this tomorrow. What can go wrong! 😊


This week, I watched the Blood series on SBS On Demand. I enjoyed it and it definitely kept me guessing. My Audible book, Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith, has been keeping me company when spinning on the wheel and when I’m driving. It’s a great story and I’m enjoying the narrative – it’s very well written and very descriptive without being overly descriptive and tedious. It definitely has a British flavour about it as opposed to the previous John Sandford book. They are both wonderful but very different.

This week I have breakfast dates at Huskisson on both Monday and Tuesday morning. I got my (very) old bike out the other day as I would like to ride over and back. It’s only six kilometres each way but with a big hill to finish my return. It’s unlikely that I’ll get up this hill on my first few goes but I’m happy to walk the bike up as needed. It has definitely seen better days with plenty of surface rust but appears to work fine. I’ll give it a go tomorrow and put it to the test. This way I can work in some exercise around the breakfast treat. On Thursday I have Spinners group and will either finish my current spin or start a new one. Maybe some of the new rolags I got recently or some of my older stash. I have a pack of twenty different sheep breeds in lights, mediums and darks and I may decide to get onto spinning those now that I have a reasonable ability with the wheel.

So, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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