Sunday 4 August 2019. #54

Hello friends! Welcome from retreat HQ. This photo is just as we started to get set up.

What a roller coaster of a week I’ve had. I finally ended my working life on Thursday and, I must say, it took a lot of paperwork, stress to get it all done and mixed feelings. I had two lunches and a morning tea and now I can sleep in every single day! The best part is that I don’t have to drive to Canberra and back every week. Everyone said lovely things about me and I got a beautiful bunch of flowers and a gift card to Spotlight – perfect! I don’t think I’ll notice the difference yet as today I start my week at our sewing group retreat in Gerroa, south coast of NSW. The week ended with an amazing massage and facial. What a way to start my new life.


I haven’t done a great deal of knitting this week – at least, not as much as I normally would have. That’s because of the hectic week and also because my finger hasn’t healed properly yet. I’m still poking a hole in it! I did get some good driving time for knitting though so took turns on the two main projects. One was the Humulus sweater and I think I’m now ready for the rib. I’ll try it on today to see. I tried it on the other day and it’s fitting really well.

The other project that saw some good driving knitting was my Millie sweater. I tried it on the other day and I’m really happy with this one too. I’ve got about an inch to go before I start the ribbing.

New cast-on: As this was such a special week, I thought it deserved a new cast on. This is my new project – the Tuileries sweater by Julie Knits in Paris. It’s a bit tricky at this size; it starts at the neck and goes down in one piece. I’m using a fingering weight yarn for a sport weight pattern and I swatched to work out what I need to do. As I had intended to do the neck smaller, I started that in the smallest size and I think I know how I will increase as I get further down, still keeping the twisted rib pattern. So far this needs a bit of attention so is not very vanilla yet.


My socks are coming along nicely thought I’ve not given them terribly much attention. I’ve manged to do each of the different stripe colours and now into the blue , starting the stripe repeat again. Please excuse the shadowy photo – it was still very early when I took this picture.



There was little time to do any sewing this week but I did manage to cut out an Ashton top using some sateen that was a remnant purchase from Spotlight. That’s now ready for this week.


I didn’t finish anything for Tour de Fleece but I managed to spin a bit every day, except for one day. I now have two bobbins though I didn’t manage to get as much weight on the second bobbin. I found that the yarn kept breaking because of the weight. The first spindle was 77 grams and I got to 64 grams with the second one. I think I’ll keep it to 50 grams in future. I hope to get most of this done by the end of this week, though I know that’s a bit optimistic!



I have a few acquisitions this week. Firstly, last week I forgot to show the two Vogue patterns I got at Spotlight during the 2 for $12 sale. I think I paid less than that, actually. I  bought a new hook for my spinning wheel. You can see the one that came with it is just a loop which was too difficult to use to catch any fibre with so I got a proper hook for it. There’s some new fibre in very different preps that I got from Wren & Ollie. They are sooooo gorgeous. I don’t remember the fibres but there’s merino and silk and a few others. There are batts, mini bumps, rolags and who know what else! I purchased a new set of Chiagoos, this time the Twist Shortie Lace interchangeable set which contains 2 inch and 3 inch tips from 3.5 mm to 5 mm. Finally, I purchased a Batik Kit from Kraftkolour for a particular project – more on that later.


I think the only normal thing this week was watching the latest Handmaid’s Tale episode and that was certainly worth it! It is really building up to a tumultuous ending. Apart from working, I spent all of Saturday getting ready for this week’s retreat. I started with an enormous butter chicken and then I made this yummy orange and almond cake. The food is the easy part, and packing clothes is relatively easy but the hardest part was packing projects and tools for the week. I have two quilting type projects, my knitting projects, spindle and fibre, two sewing machines (one for someone who flew in) and all the bits and pieces that are absolutely necessary for this event.


The retirement feeling hasn’t yet kicked in and I’m not really expecting to feel anything at least until this week is over. I’ll have lots to report on next week! Now, I really need to get into the my crafting with my 13 buddies so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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