Sunday 28 July 2019. #53


Happy birthday to the My Creative Obsessions blog! It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since my very first blog. I’ve learned a little bit about blogging but not as much as I would have liked. Maybe now that I’ll have more time I can delve deeper. I went back through the very early posts and realised that I’d lost the pictures there, trying to save room on the free website. At least the text is still there and I may try to relocate those pics at some point. Looking through the posts to see how the year went, I only got into about 22 and realised that it would take a good couple of weeks to see them all! Of note, there are two projects in my very first post that have not been finished. One is my Kettle Valley Poncho which is waiting patiently and the other is a sewing project for some Claudia pants by Style Arc. These have hibernated mainly because I doubt very much that they’d fit now! A recurring theme has also been that I’ve wanted to get back to my Comfort Fade cardi. That hasn’t happened yet, but I keep talking about it! And I’ve wracked my brain to decide on the highlight of my year of blogging and I must say that it is being featured on the Knitting Vicariously podcast. The year has documented so many life events – birth, illness and marriage being the most important ones for the year. I can’t really say I had a favourite project – they all have their good points and challenges but I think that the Graphica sweater is probably at the top, being quite an achievement. I would have to say that the most drawn-out project would have to have been the Texture Time KAL by Steven West – it was never-ending! My daughter in law’s favourites are my Blaise shawl and the baby Strange Brew. Let’s hope the next year of blogging is as good or even better!

And now back to the present! This week has been hectic. It was my second last week of work and I ran a workshop, which is always full on. Aside from that, the attendees and I were all at the same hotel so we shared dinner and drinks both nights, the second night is shown here – the Duck’s Nuts restaurant in Canberra, and it was excellent.

The moon continued to put on a show early in the week. Today is quite miserable, but we haven’t had any rain for some time so we really need it. It’s only a drizzle though, which is just annoying and doesn’t allow anything to warm up.


Finished Object No. 1: My Bell Sleeved top is finally finished! I didn’t think this one would ever get done as I kept needing to add more and more on every section of the pattern. That started with when to do the first garter section on the body, to the length of the body, then the garter on the sleeves and the sleeves themselves. If I’d kept to the pattern instructions it would have been cropped with elbow-length sleeves which is not how it’s photographed. This photo shows the top having just been blocked and I’ve yet to sew in the ends. Action shot coming up soon!


Finished Object No. 2: The My Boy Lollipop top is finished. The modifications I made is to add an extra inch before the body ribbing and then about an inch on the sleeves. This is hot off the needles so hasn’t been blocked and has lots of ends to sew in. It’s not my normal style so I think this qualifies for Voolenvine’s Uncomfort Zone KAL! It was a very quick knit though the pattern was a little confusing.


Since the last lot of socks had been finished I had to cast on some more. Last week I showed this yarn and it was caked up and cast on! The yarn has a seven stripe repeat and I’m up to the sixth at the moment. I’m just using my normal toe-up cast on to get to 64 stitches on 2.5mm needles. I really need to look at different toes as these are not the one that I was aiming for. Also, I’m going to look at my sock patterns to see which heels I’ll put in.

My Millie sweater is still moving along with a few rows here and there. I didn’t get as much opportunity for knitting this week as I usually do but I have now separated for the sleeves. I haven’t tried it on yet but that’s next, while I have the two needles on it.


Blast From the Past: I have mentioned my Comfort Fade cardi as the hibernating project that I want to get back to very soon but it’s going to take some brain space to get going on the sleeve fade. So, when I needed something quick and easy to pick up, I grabbed my Humulus sweater. I only had 4 rows of the colourwork to go so it was easy to start knitting, and now I’ve separated for the sleeves, moving into easy vanilla stocking stitch. I have about 12 or so inches of this to do. Let’s see if I can get this one done for Stash Dash which is finishing on 24th August.


Finally, a good picture of the Fish hat post blocking. My husband really likes it and says it’s much warmer than the bought ones he has been wearing. It’s just a bit big though and I’ve machine washed it and also dried it in the drier. The label says gentle machine wash and do not tumble dry so I was hopeful for a little bit of shrinkage. That’s OK, he’s still wearing it. I also did some surgery on my Sunday sweater as I add more rib at the bottom of the body. I used the yarn that I took off the sleeves and almost got to the end of the bind-off but lost at yarn chicken. Lucky I had a couple of balls left.


Today is the final day of Tour de Fleece, in line with the Tour de France. I haven’t actually completed anything yet but only had one “rest” day. I’m becoming more comfortable with the spinning wheel and hope to ply my first two bobbins, maybe today. I don’t know how that will go as the first bobbin will probably be considerably shorter than this one because it was very chunky in parts. The spindle is becoming very natural now though I’m still getting the “dropsies” in each session. That is usually when I’m about to finish the quota I prepared for myself. The bobbin, below right, has 77 grams of single and the spindle is currently at 56 grams. The fibre shown with the spindle and bobbin is enough to get the spindle to 77 grams. I also have another 76 grams of this fibre that I will split over two spindles. I’m hoping to finish these before the end of Stash Dash on 24th August.

Technically, this should probably be in a “crochet” category but it’s all about the spinning. Part of the Babbles Travelling Yarns and Knitting Expat’s SMAL (spinning and make-a-long) is that you spin first then make something intentionally. I had decided straight up that I would be making a table mat of some shape and, due to the small amount from this first-ever spin, I decided on a spiral. It’s about 7 inches (18 cm)  in diameter and I’ll probably block it to flatten it out a bit more.


I had noticed this fabulous yarn from IxCHeL Yarns and Fibres’ facebook page and had to have it. Charly had posted this as part of her inventory for the Bendigo Sheep Show and she was kind enough to let me buy some as I couldn’t attend. The Bendigo Sheep Show is the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and I think it equates as the Australian version of Rheinbeck – the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. I have told my friend Mary that we are going there next year. The Bendigo Sheep Show, that is – it’s much closer than New York!

I had another trip to Spotlight this week to buy a large crochet hook to make the table mat with my first spindle yarn and, of course, purchased a few remnants. There is never a great amount of information on their tags but, starting from the top left:

  • Loose weave yarn in a blue and white – 0.90m of 135 cm wide.
  • PTD Rayon double stripes in navy and white (looks black to me!) – 1.4 m of 140 cm wide.
  • PTD Poly Crepe in Blush peonies rose – 0.75m of 148 cm wide. (Ogden cami?)
  • DGTL PTD Cotton linen in pink – 0.70m of 148 cm wide. (Ashton top?)


Only a couple of other acquisitions this week. I had ordered a Dell 2-in-1 laptop and it arrived this week. It’s only small but very compact and portable and it turns itself almost inside out, so it can be a laptop or a tablet. I purchased two more patterns in the Helen’s Closet sale this week – the Ashton top and Avery leggings.


There is so much happening at the moment that I feel a little overwhelmed. This is my last week at work and I have a lot to do including heaps of paperwork, removing files from my work laptop, finishing a couple of jobs that need to be done and also have a couple of farewell lunches! Once I make it through that, I need to get organised for our sewing group’s annual retreat at Gerroa, NSW. I know which I’d rather be doing! For Gerroa, I have my major project which I discussed last week (the mariner’s compass) and now a minor project of a baby quilt for a close friend’s new granddaughter. The spindle will be coming with me but I’m not sure about the wheel. I’ll also have my knitting and maybe a small dressmaking sewing project, like the Ashton top. And I’ve started my first book club book – Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon.

Thanks for joining me for my Blogaversary and crafting/life update. I know a couple of people who have been with me since the very first- my best friend, Mary and my beautiful daughter-in-law, Kimberley. They wait faithfully for each instalment! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all for another year and, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO

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