Sunday 14 July 2019. #51

Happy Bastille Day! Here’s a bit of history for you. In 1879, the medieval prison, known as La Bastille, was stormed, resulting in the death of more than 200, and this day marks the beginning of the French Revolution. King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette both lost their heads by guillotine months later. Since 1880, apart from during WWII, this day has been a national celebration for the French.

This week I spent a lot of time travelling for work. On Tuesday, I drove from home in NSW to the airport in the ACT, flew to Melbourne and waited for my delayed plane, finally landing in Adelaide. That means 4 states, and I drove 3 cars on Tuesday, then the same 3 cars and 4 states in reverse on Thursday. I had a lot of airport and aeroplane knitting time. Does anyone else wait for their luggage wondering if it is actually going to turn up?

I started the week with a catch-up breakfast and during my stay in Adelaide, the team went out to dinner at a lovely restaurant called Jarmer’s Kitchen in Bowden. It was a lovely setup and the food was great. The weather has turned very windy, from the nice, calm sunrise on Friday morning to the choppy bay shown here, though it doesn’t look as windy as it was. It’s still blowing hard and that is making the apparent temperature even lower.


My Millie sweater came along for my trip to Adelaide this week. I got to knit on it both in the airport and on one plane each way. It’s an easy knit but I had to restart it when I’d knitted a couple of inches as I’d confused myself with the increases. It’s not a raglan where you increase every second round. It’s going very well now and I’m not far from separating for the sleeves. I was hoping to stop increasing earlier to get a lesser dolman effect but I’ll need to make sure I have enough stitches on the sleeves for my arms. I’m still loving this colour! It has all the colours in a fire.

My Boy Lollipop came along for the trip too. This is such an easy knit and absolutely mindless. I tried it on when the pattern indicated that the ribbing should start but I needed another inch and decrease to get to the under-bust point for me. I think this one will be done next week as I only have about another 2 inches of rib left, though IĀ  may keep going to the end of the skeins.

The third knitting project that came on the trip with me were my Dad’s Mina’s Vanilla socks. This part is very vanilla as I’m working up the leg. I think I need to do another half an inch before I start the rib. I have decided to do 2 x 2 ribbing for the cuff. Will these be done by next week?

I’ve made progress on the Fish hat, now at nearly two-thirds of the colourwork section. Once the colourwork is done, it will take no time to finish the crown. A good soak and block will ensure the stitches sit nicely together. Another one to finish this week? Perhaps.


Finished object: The baby Strange Brew sweater is finished. It didn’t take too long to get through the sleeves on this even though it didn’t come on the trip with me. I bound off the sleeves using a larger needle as I didn’t want the end to flare with a looser bind off but I’m thinking it’s a bit tight. I’ll try it on Evie today and make the call. I can always re-do the bind off.


This is now an almost finished object. My Lanesplitter skirt no. 2 is now ready to be sewn up at the sides after it gets a soak and a block to even the ends off. Then I can pick up the waistband stitches. I’m wondering if I can attach a wide band of elastic straight to the skirt instead. I’ll see what I can find in the way of wide elastic and maybe give it a try.


This week I was playing around with some stitches to do a slip stich shawl. I had some great ideas to use the Drover and Classer yarn that I’d purchased at Fiberex last month. The concept was good with the swatch but when I tried it with an actual pattern, the increase and decrease ends played havoc with the slip stitch pattern. So this is getting frogged. I have seen a pattern that will be perfect for this yarn so I’ll wait for that instead. It’s a Joji Locatelli pattern but it hasn’t yet been released.

These projects are all about finished, apart from Millie, so I think it may be time to re-introduce my Comfort Fade cardigan. It’s halfway down the sleeves and then all that’s required is the shawl collar. I hope to get that done in the next few weeks and maybe re-introduce some more WIPs to boost my Stash Dash numbers. My Bell Sleeved top is all but complete, just needing the garter edge on the sleeves. Speaking of Stash Dash 2019, I’ve managed to accumulate 5,981.28m on my race for the 10K finish line. I think I will be able to manage this by the 28th August. These are the finished objects so far.



I have a finished sewing object and I’m so impressed with myself at how well it’s turned out. This is a skirt I’d cut out in May and procrastinated over because of the zipper. I’d followed a YouTube video on putting the zipper in and I think it helped. It also helped that I used an invisible zipper this time. The pattern was from a Bernina magazine a friend gave me, thanks Cathie! The pattern and video used a facing but I decided to add a lining, using the same pattern pieces and adding it as I would have added a facing. I hand stitched the lining down at the zipper and I’ve attached one section of the split of top and lining layers. It fits perfectly and I want to make several of these! I’ll be wearing this to work this week


Tour de Fleece continues, now entering week two. I have spun on my single every day, taking it with me to Adelaide for hotel spinning. I’m really happy with how this is going but it’s far from perfect. And it’s a slow process though I’ve only been able to squeeze some in every now and then. Today I’m off to Wollongong and I won’t be able to get any done. I’ll take this as a rest day. It’s a very portable activity but not something I want to dangle I’n front of a 9 month old!


It seems I can’t go into Spotlight without checking out the remnants bin! I got some buttons for the Preparer soon Arrivee cardigan and picked up these great bits. Clockwise from top left:

  • PTD Micro Fleece in the Spaceplace colourway, 1 metre of 148cm wide.
  • Black Manhattan crepe knit 1.15cm of 150cm wide.
  • White Charlotte lace, 1 metre of 90cm wide.
  • PTD Poly crepe in the mustard flower colourway, 1.20cm of 148cm wide.
  • PTD Sateen Cheeta in the dark mustard colourway, 1.05cm of 122cm wide.

I already have plans for some of these and ideas for the rest.


A couple of weeks ago I ordered a piece of carding cloth in order to make myself a blending board. I managed to find a supplier who sells replacement cloth for blending boards and this arrived during the week. I just need to get a bread board at the correct size and attach it with a staple gun. Then I’ll be able to blend fibre and make rolags. Watch this space!

This week I caught up with all my podcasts and moved on to my book. I finished The Retreat by Mark Edwards and I enjoyed it. I’ve now started Broken by Karin Slaughter which is the next novel in the Will Trent series. These are always entertaining. I’m looking for a good series to watch as I’m up to date on the ones I’ve been watching. I believe the next season of Suits is due out soon.

Another week of successful crafting! Thanks for joining me for my crafting and life update. Until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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