Sunday 3 March 2019. #32

Welcome to March! It’s now Autumn in the southern hemisphere and nearly Spring up in the north – seems some places up there are still getting large minus days. Though it was in the low 30s Celcius during the week in Canberra, I could definitely smell Autumn. I had to be in Canberra for an extra day this week so I packed a few more projects and had to leave a few behind to languish alone. Here are some of my views from this week. They are mostly from Canberra and one from a drizzly wet Saturday morning at home. Whenever I see the big hot air balloons there are usually several but this one was all by itself in the beautiful clear blue sky.



Finished Object: My Gable Cap is finished. Once I got to the decrease rows, the end came quickly and I just had to keep knitting. It’s not blocked and I’m not sure I will block it. Maybe next week I’ll have an action shot though it will only be on my head briefly as it’s still hot here.


I redid the buttonhole band on my Floozy cardigan and I’m really happy with it now. I originally had only 115 stitches and this time I ended up with 161. That was 6 stitches over the recommended number but it’s not a problem. The recommended number assumes you have a certain length and rows, etc. I then put in my button band and now I have 30 grams of yarn left to finish the sleeves. This will definitely be done by next week. Fingers crossed that I get enough length! It’s definitely not showing the right colours here; these are very washed out.


Last weekend’s castonitis continued with the third project I had wanted to cast on. This is Graphica by Casapinka and she did hers all in two colours whereas I’m using two different colours for each colourwork section. I cast on provisionally in case I want to add a larger collar. I think, if I choose not to, that all I need to do is remove the provisional yarn and the stitches will close up on those there. This is currently moving so quickly. I didn’t take this one to Canberra with me and I did the blue/yellow last Sunday and the orange green was on Friday night after getting back from Canberra.


This was cast-on number 1 last week. The Bell Sleeved top is using a lighter weight yarn than recommended so I’m knitting until I think it will fit. I’ll align it with whichever size has the same number of stitches when I get to that point. I’ll be trying it on today but I think it still has maybe another 14 rows to go to reach the largest size but I may need to do more. I’m increasing every second row for the raglan shape, so each row is 8 stitches longer. I can’t wait to get to the sleeve separation.


Cast-on number two last week was the Humulus sweater. I’m about halfway through the yoke pattern. The yarn is quite thin and stringy but I think it’s the type that “blooms” when soaked and blocked. It’s coming along nicely and will be great vanilla knitting once I split for the sleeves. Along with the Bell Sleeved top, above, I’ll have plenty of vanilla knitting!


I have progressed a little bit on my Zweig sleeve. It’s slow going for 4 rows out of 16 when I do the little cable so I think this will take some time to get done. It’s definitely not vanilla knitting as I have to count each knit row to know exactly where I am with the cable pattern. I’m using the “eating an elephant” method on this one – one bite at a time.


And not much progress to report on my Baubles shawl. I was trying to do 3 rows a night but that dropped to 2 and I missed a night or two. I’m now about three quarters through the lace pattern and should be onto the final section of lace brioche by next week.



Yesterday I finally got the opportunity to cut out the Stevie dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I was really pleased with getting that done but it will have to wait until Sunday next week to get to sewing it now as I’m not going to be home today and will have visitors next Saturday. The fabric is from Tessuti in Sydney but I have absolutely no idea what it is. My guess is that it’s a cotton with some stretch in it. The pattern has a lot of straight lines so I was able to use my roller cutter for the majority of the cutting which made it go very quickly.



A young friend of mine owns some beautiful alpacas and I’m now the owner of another couple of bags of beautiful alpaca fleece. These two bags belong to McEvoy (left) and Ryder (right). That’s a picture of Ryder and he recently came third at a show. I don’t remember all the details but I’ll get an update. He’s so cute and the fleece is baby alpaca so is going to be like butter. A couple of years ago I got two other fleeces and they belong to Dal and Fendi. I’ll soon be including another segment called Spinning as I’m itching to get on my spinning journey. It’s been a little bit hard with working full time and my other obsessions!


Next Saturday, it’s my turn to host a sewing day – that’s what we call it but it includes any craft. I don’t think there are too many available for that day but that’s what happens. We try to have set dates and those that can attend, do attend. It’s always a great day, whether there are 2 or 12 people.

I’ve finally caught up with my podcasts now and have ventured back into Netflix again. I’m going to own up to watching the soppy When calls the Heart. It’s a Canadian show set in the old Mountie days and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a girly show. I’ve reached the end of the latest season now so will move on to some other new episode releases of shows I’ve been watching and some new recommendations. Last month, I finished watching the latest Outlander season on Foxtel and that was awesome. I’m now waiting patiently for the latest and final Game of Thrones season to start on April 14!

Well, apart from a new cast-on there wasn’t anything too exciting this week but I’m definitely enjoying all my current projects. I hope everyone has had a great week and, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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