Sunday 17 February 2019. #30

Well, I’m almost totally back into the real world, just haven’t started back at work yet. That will be tomorrow and I can’t say I’m overly excited about it. So, to keep myself in the holiday mood a little longer, here are some pics from the ship. It was a great couple of weeks (that went FAR too quickly) and the ship was great – we’ve done this Cruise Line (NCL) 4 times now and I’m really happy with it. That last photo is us on the ferry heading away from the ship for the last time.

I don’t think I mentioned in my previous two blogs that I had met up with some lovely ladies who also enjoy knitting and crochet. The program for Day 2 on the cruise included a 10 am social meet up for “stitchers and knitters” I nearly missed it and when I got there I found three lovely ladies working away at cross stitch, crochet and patchwork. We had a great hour and a half and agreed to meet up again on the next sea day which was the second last day of the cruise. Only one of the group (apart from me) had returned but we were also joined by three other ladies. Below is a pic of Jenny (Sydney), me, Barbara (Ontario, Canada) and Julieanne and Laura (Alexandria, Virginia). This photo was actually taken on the last day of the cruise as we arranged to meet up again. Thank you, ladies, for some enjoyable hours!


Since I’ve been back, a grand total of 4 days, I’ve decided to get back into my fitness and healthy routine – we really did go a bit overboard with food but, hey, when in Rome! And we managed to visit the gym on the 5 sea days. Here are some pics of the beautiful views on my morning runs.

One last scenery photo I couldn’t resist is of a beautiful sunset nearby. We had drinks at a friend’s place last night and were able to enjoy this beautiful sunset.



My Brisa top is now blocked and I intend to sew it together in the next few days. I’m hoping that the armscye (armhole depth) is OK as it looks a bit small. I’ll certainly find that out when I sew it together. I’ll sew the sides properly but may pin the shoulders and try it on before making it too hard to add more to them. The correct name for this project is the Black and White top and, since mine is navy and white, I’m finding it difficult to call it that, so I’ve opted for the yarn name. It is a Katia cotton/viscose yarn which is so shiny. I finished the front on Monday while still on the ship but wanted to block the pieces before sewing together. I’m hoping that the blocking will help with some of the side curl which would make it more difficult to sew. The sizing looks good so I didn’t need to block for that but it’s hard to uncurl the sides without stretching it out.


I’m absolutely loving my Baubles Shawl, particularly the brioche section. I’ve finished the next brioche and I am into the lace section again. I’m looking forward to the final section which is brioche with either a pattern or lace.  I haven’t read the instructions on that part yet. The colours in the pictures don’t appear to be as deep as in real life. It’s a beautiful shawl.

I came home to a dry Nightshift Shawl – no there was no surprise there. 😊 It blocked out nicely and I even sewed in the threads! I knew it would be easy with the i-cord edging and you really can’t notice the two mistakes.


My Gable Cap is coming along nicely; I’m still reading the pattern stitch by stitch. I was working off the pattern on my phone so I’m pleased that I now have a paper copy to work from. Before leaving the ship I did my first 18 stitch cable! Not only did I leave the paper pattern at home but I also didn’t pack a cable needle. I remedied this using one of the many Chiaogoo tips that I’d brought. The Chiaogoos have the screw part on the tip rather than the cable so that made it interesting. I found it easier to remove the stitches initially with the screw end than to remove them once knitted. It did the trick.


I took the Zweig with me and also managed to work on that. I tried it on again to determine whether the ribbing should be started or whether I needed more repeats. In the process I managed to drop 3 stitches right in the small cable so I had to fix that before getting underway. In the end, I did 2 knit rows to separate the cable row and then started the ribbing. I didn’t finish it on the cruise but the night we returned home – Wednesday. I haven’t started the sleeves yet because I’ve decided to not do two at a time or even just magic loop. Skein Sisters were having a sale so I ordered a 9″ circular to do it. I also ordered another size that I don’t have but may likely need in the future. I normally do two at a time because I don’t want to end up with 2 different sleeves but the cable pattern should help me keep count with that. The pattern doesn’t call for decreasing until near the cuff and doing one sleeve at a time I can determine where I want decreases. The close up shows where I’d left off when it went into hibernation. The yarn is so soft! I think it’s Wren & Ollie yarn – I’ll have to check my project page. Hopefully the needle arrives soon.

And, back into rotation comes The Floozy! I had left off at about 2 inches into the sleeves, doing two at a time and also helicle knitting with two balls each. Yes, crazy, I know! But it works and I’ve progressed considerably – I hope to have the sleeves done this week and start on the button bands. I was totally inspired to get this out as my cruise friend, Laura, in the pic above, above was working on hers.


I also swatched for the Boothbay cardigan. I’m not sure I was totally impressed with the yarn as in the first half of the swatch there was a broken ply three times, the third having to broken and came apart needing me to join the yarn. There were anymore further on but I’ll be inspecting the yarn closely before I continue with it.

Last but not least, my latest love of brioche made me want to design a brioche yoked sweater. I couldn’t find a pattern that looked like what was in my head so I thought I’d try something. I won’t say any more at this point but here is where I am, using some deep stash yarn.



Yes! I did manage to get my Round the Garden stitching out before the end of the cruise, but only once. I took it to our stitching get-together on our next sea day, as I realised it was easier than on a day in port where everything needed to be packed up. This was partially the case but as I had to pack it up anyway, I didn’t get it out again the next day. I did do some that afternoon but found that I hadn’t packed enough colours so left it again.  I was dropping pins everywhere which is not a good thing. I think I picked them all up apart from the one that went down the back of the lounge chair, never to be seen again. So, having done this stitching means I used every project I took with me on the cruise, and there were many.



My Fern and Feather was a finished object two blogs ago but it needs to be in the dyeing section this week.  I actually redyed the jumper to change the yellow to more of a mustard but it turned out a bit more tonal in parts. It took quite some dye to get the yellow to change and it’s picked up more in certain spots. I must say that I much prefer the tonal/variegated mustard colouring to the previous yellow. The dark green also has a slight mustard halo to it and I didn’t expect that, though it’s almost unnoticeable. I can always try dyeing again but don’t think I will. The pictures do show a change but it’s hard to get the right colours on them. It’s now “blocked” in this dyeing process though I didn’t pin it. I didn’t think it required pinning to make it larger.

Make 9 Update: Below is the picture of my Make 9 choices and I’ve had a great start on them. You can see the Fern and Feather has a tick as that is complete. The green squiggles on the Baubles and Gable Cap pics indicate that they are currently on the needles and the blue squiggles on the Bell Sleeved Top and Boothbay indicate that I’ve swatched for them. I have a lot going at the moment so I’ll be patient and wait until I’ve completed something currently being worked on before I cast them on. Unless, of course, I get a sudden case of castonitis again! Looking at the pics, I should probably cast on Kagerou next as it’s a vest and could be handy as the weather starts to cool, and I have the yarn already.



I am sooooo far behind in my YouTube podcasts at the moment, I’m wondering if it’s worth catching up. I have started watching from where I’d left off and I’ve skipped a few that I don’t think are a must but I’m still way behind. On the cruise, I managed to finish my book, The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn. It had many twists and turns to keep it interesting. I’d heard it was similar to others I’ve read in the genre but I still enjoyed it. I’ve now started the next book in John Sandford’s Virgil Flowers series, Rough Country. I really enjoy John Sandford’s novels and this series is a spin-off of his main series – Lucas Davenport. I think I’m in the 20s with those ones. Regarding audio podcasts, I didn’t download nearly enough to keep me going. I managed to get some more on a wifi at some point but again, not much.

No acquisitions for this blog – I only saw one ball of yarn in my travels and it was a boucle so not one I’m particularly interested in at this point. There were yarn shops in most of the ports but they were not near where we were on tours, etc. It just means that my stash is at status quo, which is a good thing.

It appears I have had so much to share this week! I hope everyone has had a great week, and, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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