Sunday 23 December 2018. #22

What a busy week! It’s always full on for the lead up to Christmas. The house is filling up, with food, presents and people – my daughter arrived yesterday, her husband and my parents arrive today.  My son, his wife and baby are arriving tomorrow. And on Christmas day we’ll have 3 more “drive-throughs”. I daresay they’d probably stay but the accommodation is extremely limited. That is changing next year when the house is pulled down and a bright new sparkly one will appear. Like magic! Well, maybe not as quick as magic so I’ll have to be patient. My view this week included a trip inland for a pick-up. This very old graveyard was opposite a little church. And to get there and back I had to travel over the very old one-lane Hampden Bridge, built in 1898.

Weather-wise, it’s been quite cool and wet. The pictures below show the clouds building up just before the hail storm. It seems that the clouds are very hight when it’s going to hail, something I hadn’t noticed before. The pictures don’t have great perspective to show how high they were. Our  hail was very minor compared to what was inflicted on Sydney and I was able to drive out of the main part of the storm. It’s going to be in the 30s from Christmas for several days so we will finally have some beach weather.


Most of my knitting this week has concentrated on a couple of projects and one was the Twelve Days of Christmas Adventurer cowl by Ambah O’Brien. There are only 14 rows a day but the extra demands on time at this time of year has drastically shortened my knitting time. I’m trying to keep up with this so that it doesn’t become “one of the WIPs”. It’s a relatively easy construction and the repeats are memorisable. It’s only the beginning and ending few stitches that change each time so the pattern is very necessary. Only two more mini skeins to work into the cowl before I can bind off. It’s supposed to be three needle bind off but I think I prefer tubular so I’ll see how that goes. This is Day 10. I was going to put each day’s photo up but I couldn’t work out the order of them!


Along with the cowl, I started a pair of socks to use some of the leftovers from the Twelve Days of Christmas mini skeins, with every intention of keeping up with each day. That certainly fell by the wayside but I’m working on them when I can. Socks are a great handbag project. Here I am halfway into Day 3 with Day4 ready and waiting. I’m using the How I Roll socks pattern by Mara Catherine Bryner.


I’ve been trying hard to get through the sleeves on my Cerisara cardigan. Surely it can’t take that long to knit these sleeves? 8 ply on not too small needles? Apparently, it does. And I confused myself as to where I was on one in comparison to the other. That’s why I prefer to do two at a time! Anyway, I think we’re on track and there’s not a lot to go now but I was hoping to be blocking by now. The gift will be appreciated even if received after Christmas.


I did get some time on my Texture Time KAL this week, only during lunch at work. Will it be finished this year? Highly unlikely, but very early in January seems to be a good guess. I’m enjoying the stitch pattern which is essentially picking up every fourth stitch from 4 rows below, dropping the stitches above.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I intend to have my Christmas cast-on, probably after dinner. That will be the Nightshift Cowl by Andrea Mowry. I hope that by then all presents will be wrapped and under the tree and I’ll be able to put my feet up for a bit before the Christmas day onslaught. It’s all ready to go but currently, I have everything in one of my Little Finch Buckets. As you can see, that’s not going to work. I’ll have to find another bag for this.


Picmas continued this week. It was a bit difficult to find something Christmassy each day. Day 17 is missing from the slideshow because it was a video but Day 16 shows a still version. Picmas is only required up to 25 December so that means only 3 left. Thank goodness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week I finished my book – Past Tense by Lee Child. As usual for Lee Child books, it was a very enjoyable listen. I’ve been too busy to start the next one or even choose what it will be. I’ve kept up with my reduced list of Vlogmases while getting my knitting done. I’ve also listened to several podcasts, especially working on catching up with the Happier podcast but I’m still only on no. 51. Only another 149 to go! As I mentioned Christmas Day will be very hectic so Boxing Day will be my official holiday start. It will be filled with relaxing, beach, knitting and playing with my granddaughter.

There is one more post before we see in the new year. Until next week, if you celebrate Christmas or if you don’t, I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends, and have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

My Creative Obsession Logo Concepts FINAL-MCO










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