Sunday 21 October 2018. #13

Well! This has certainly been a roller-coaster of a week for me. It all started last Sunday when my new granddaughter, Evelyn, was born. I think she is absolutely beautiful and I don’t think it’s because I’m biased. Surprisingly, she arrived on her due date which, I’ve been told, is only about 3% of babies. The rest of the week was spent in the hospital helping our son with his recovery and I’m pleased to say that he’s well on the mend, though it’s a very slow process. It was fantastic news that he was able to be present for the birth of his baby Evelyn.

The week finished with a trip to the Hunter Valley region for my daughter’s hens weekend; pre-wedding celebrations of the female kind. It was certainly a very quick trip, arriving there Friday evening and returning Sunday morning. It seemed to go in a flash. The house was set on a large property and was huge – certainly big enough for the 12 of us. There was a very large main room which covered the dining area, a large kitchen with an even larger lounge area. The bedrooms were set in two wings, each with hallways leading up the hill behind. It was quite a hike between each wing.




The main event was held on Saturday when we started the day with a 2-hour session making flower crowns, with the obligatory mimosa cocktails. That was a great activity and all 12 of us had a beautiful flower crown to wear for the day’s festivities. It was basically a flower arranging activity and I think we picked up some good florist skills. This was then followed by a winery tour, where we visited three wineries, one where we had a fantastic lunch, and we had a very enjoyable day. I came home with some spoils of the grape variety. The evening was topped off with the mandatory bride games.



Well, it would not have been surprising if I wasn’t able to get much knitting done this week but I still managed to squeeze that in. It’s a very relaxing activity for me and helps me keep my sanity. The main focus this week was my Texture Time MKAL by Westknits, as I had some catching up to do. I can say that my brioche skills have improved out of sight. I was able to get a bit done on the trip up to the Hunter Valley but it’s not really a car type of knitting. I am still a week behind only having managed about 15% of Clue 2, but that’s OK as it’s been an enjoyable process. Clue 2 includes Latvian Braids and, though they seemed to be really complicated, they’re actually very easy to knit up. The braid is reasonably obvious in the first photo but I’ll do a better one for next week when I have more of it done.

In other knitting, the trip back from the Hunter Valley allowed me to get some good work done on my Elton cardigan by Joji Locatelli. This one is part of the Joji Fall KAL and needs to be completed by 30th November. At the moment, it’s only straight stocking stitch for several more inches before I get to the bottom band.


The Floozy cardigan by Truly Myrtle has seemed to progress too, though I don’t recall spending the equivalent amount of time to result in the length achieved. I’m now down to the bottom band and will be glad to get started on the sleeves. Let’s see if I can get onto them by next week! I like setting myself challenges and, if I post them on here, I generally try to get them done. (#1)


The Baby Angel top by OGE Knitwear Designs didn’t see a lot of action this week but I did make some progress. I’ve reached the right side and will now start on the right cap sleeve. The right side will then be quick to finish. I envisage that it will be done by next week. (#2)



Another focus of this week was the Alicia Doily rug which is for my granddaughter’s nursery. Now that she has arrived, I’ll need to get it finished. I’m just about to finish the third last row. The second last row is another row of scallops and, I think, the last row is a single crochet edging to finish it off. While crocheting this third last row I realised that I’ll need one more ball of the navy blue yarn otherwise I doubt I’d finish the scallop row. I managed to get to the shop (Spotlight) where I’d purchased it but they didn’t have any left. Fortunately, I was able to call in at another one of their shops on the drive to Sydney on Friday and got one there. Mind you, that was the last one in that shop too!


Very little progress was made on Inka the Little Llama. I only managed one round plus 1/6 of the orange. I hope to get at least the next colour started soon.


So, the theme of this week’s post has been “portable crafting”. I’ve hardly been at home, therefore, I’ve been unable to get onto my sewing machine or do any dyeing. I really wanted to start sewing my Little Finch buckets together, even only one of the nine as I’m really getting annoyed with my project bag for my Elton cardigan. It has a zipper and the silk/mohair keeps catching in it because the project is probably too big for the bag. I’m surprised I haven’t had to cut it yet. The Finch bucket has a drawstring and will be a perfect size. I think I’ll have very little opportunity again this week as I’m back to Canberra for work and off to Sydney again on the weekend. Sigh. Then, the following weekend, it will be wedding preparations and I’ll be up there for over a week before life will get back to normal.

I’m posting a little later than normal due to my hectic week and weekend but glad I’ve managed to get it done. I was concerned that I wouldn’t get to post today. I hope you’ve had a great week. Until next week, may you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!

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