Sunday 16 September 2018. #8

Well, the colours are certainly changing and, here in the southern hemisphere, we’re moving into Spring. Yesterday it was 31°C here and, in Canada, it’s already been snowing! Mind you, today it’s only going to get to 17°C. I can feel the yarn desires changing already and it won’t be long before the sweaters that are on the needles get put away until it cools off again. I purchased some beautiful cotton/viscose yesterday for a summer top – more on that below. Here it’s a beautiful spring morning in Sydney, though very fresh.



Yesterday, I did two double knitting classes with the Sockmatician (Nathan Taylor) at Skein Sisters in Sydney and had a fantastic day learning knitting sorcery. The first class was Demystifying Double Knitting followed by Shaping: The Future of Double Knitting. As you can see from the photos, I didn’t get too much done in length but we covered so many techniques and I’m now ready to move on with one of Nathan’s super double knitting projects. Nathan was an excellent teacher and he also kept us entertained with his easy-going, fun and cheeky nature.


I only found out this week that September is National Knitting month. Not sure where, but we’ll work with it! Seems that it doesn’t matter to me which month it is.

Remember from last week, the BA Cool hat that I was knitting to participate in Joji Locatelli’s KAL? I indicated that it would be finished by this post. Well, I finished it the same day. It was a very quick and easy knit. I think it will just have to go into the drawer for now as the weather is definitely not beanie weather anymore – unless I was to go to a night football game or something like that. Chances of that are about 0.0005%.


I haven’t had a huge knitting week but did manage to get some done. My Floozy cardigan has not progressed a lot but I’m still loving it. Currently, I’m two stitches over the stitch count so I need to do some thinking. And I found the buttons for it!


Last week I forgot to give you an update on other projects that have been moving along at the same time as those I featured. That means that this week they are much further on. I started the pink lace border on the Twinkle Twinkle Blanket before last week’s blog and it’s more noticeable now. I only have a couple of lace repeats to go and I’ll finish with a picot border.


The only other project I have made progress on this week is my Spindrift Shawl by Curious Handmade (Helen Stewart). I’m using a two-strand sock blank for this and I’ve used all of the first strand – I’m now working my way through the second strand that I wound up whilst knitting the first. The pattern tells me I’m 65% complete. Helen’s patterns are so well presented so you can track your every row. It’s a fantastic resource.


Future knitting: Stephen West is having a new Mystery KAL for 2018 and it’s called Texture Time. I’m pretty sure I’m going to participate. His KALs are great – I’ve only done one, the Marled Magic Shawl which was released early 2017. Mine is shown below. It was marled with two fingering strands held together and is such a cozy, blanket-y shawl.



Any weekend at home usually includes some dyeing and I did get to do some last Sunday. Three more mini skeins. Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t show the depth of colour – they turned out really nicely. I think the hanging photo shows the colour a bit more accurately.

Stash Acquisitions

While I was in Sydney for the Sockmatician classes, I took advantage of a fantastic button shop in Newtown. I didn’t know the shop was there. It’s called All Buttons Great and Small and it’s fantastic! I picked up some buttons made from an unusual nut – I’m afraid I can’t remember what its called. (In-store photos courtesy of my friend Mary – I was too busy ogling all the wares to even think about taking photos.)

My Lush cardigan had been languishing for lack of buttons and I can now finally finish it off. Job for this week! It will be a great cardigan for the beginning of spring.


And, of course, a visit to Skein Sisters wouldn’t be complete with a few additions to stash. I bought a long cable for my Floozy cardigan, as it’s getting too crowded on the current cable. The latest Vogue Knitting magazine has several projects that I’d like to make and I purchased a couple of Wren & Ollie yarns. I got two skeins of Spin DK (100% merino) in the Utopia colourway and one skein of Sock Yarn (85% merino, 15% nylon) in the Enchanted colourway. The latter will either be for the Stephen West KAL or maybe it will be suitable for his Exploration Station. It may go well with a couple of other skeins I have for that. Skein Sisters have a great selection of shop samples and I tried on the Kagerou by Michiyo. It’s a lovely vest with great shaping and a border to add a bit of interest. I purchased the yarn on the right for the Kagerou. It’s The Fibre Co. Meadow yarn in the Bellflower colourway. This yarn is 40% wool, 25% llama, 20% silk and 15% linen. It feels amazing!

Because we read the Skein Sisters newsletter over breakfast before the class yesterday, we were inspired to buy some Katia Brisa yarn for the beautiful summer tank shown below. It’s 60% cotton and 40% viscose, the viscose giving the yarn a beautiful sheen. It doesn’t appear that the pattern is available on Ravelry but we were given it as part of the purchase. This may need to get happening soon if the weather throws some more 31 degree days at us.


Life Stuff

Time seems to be flying and it won’t be long before my daughter’s wedding, early November. My trip to Sydney allowed me to buy my shoes for my Mother of the Bride outfit. It was a quick purchase since my daughter had already done the legwork and found what I was looking for. These Nine West shoes are so comfortable. I hope they are when the dancing starts! We spent last night embellishing the invitations and menus with gold leaf. A hint for the uninitiated, gold leaf is very light and 5 grams goes a long way. My daughter purchased 3 packs and we barely made a dent in the first pack for all the invitations and menus.

I have a nice day ahead with a special birthday lunch with some special friends. We’re off to Cafe Sydney and I hope we get a window table to take advantage of the fantastic view. We may even eat birthday cake!

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It’s time to get ready now so, until next week, I hope you have lots of opportunities for your creative pleasures!




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